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Bendigo Kyokushin Karate -

No Joining fees - Pay as you go

Kyokushin Bendigo follows the traditional Japanese teaching and philosophies. Shihan Lance McInnes attends seminars side by side with other masters from around the globe held in Honbu, the headquarters of Kyokushin in Japan to ensure up to date knowledge, techniques and teachings.

Each training session offers a full body work out

We have many families training together for a more relaxed approach to Karate in our specialised family sessions.

Training Kyokushin Karate can be a lasting life experience, and enhance your daily living

Instil Discipline along with respect for yourself and others

Build confidence, honesty, respect and character

Come along to one of our many social get togethers, and as you gain more experience, come along to a beach side training camp.

Training with Bendigo Karate is rewarding and there are plenty of FUN times too. At the end of a session you simply feel great.

Specialised Kids Classes Available
Shihan Lance has over 45 Years experience in teaching Karate to all ages including children. Shihan Lance also instructs people of any age with disabilities with astounding results. Contact Lance to see how we can accomodate your needs.

Kids need the Training...
They learn respect, the ideals, the discipline while building character and confidence AND exercising. They make great friendships and the classes really are FUN

Is your child being bullied? We have great success in teaching kids the skills and the confidence to overcome their bullies. Contact us for more information.


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